Thinking that you might benefit from treatment?

Here is a selection of feedback from clients about the Technique and my practice:

October 2019

“Having suffered with neck/back ache for many years, I went to Jihan 2 years ago and since then my neck/back ache is no longer. I cannot express how much Jihan and Bowen has helped me over the last couple of years”. Kathy E

January 2019

“Amazing as always, so thankful today for Jihan’s magic touch after hurting my lower back earlier this week ! After a one hour treatment, I can now stand up straight & walk properly again, with no pain or discomfort, thoroughly recommend & I’m already booked in for my next MOT / maintenance appointment !
Thanks Jihan, by far the BEST in the Southwest!! ”  Chef GT

November 2017

“For many years I have had very painful neck and shoulders which led to an almost constant headache. Then about 4 years ago I started to have a problem with my jaw, which was very debilitating. My dentist had referred me to the hospital but all the consultant could tell me was that it was a common problem and that there wasn’t a solution. He advised me to take paracetamol before a meal to help! I thought I could not do this for the rest of my life. I already knew about the effectiveness of Bowen and Jihan was recommended to me because she specialises in TMJ problems. After a couple of weeks I found that the intense ache in my jaw had dissipated, and I have not really had any neck, shoulder and headache problems since. I find my sessions with Jihan immensely relaxing, and I often fall asleep. Jihan always listens to me and understands, and adapts her treatment according to my needs She has been a lifeline of help over the past couple of years” Helen W

“I was referred to Jihan by my local Bowen practitioner in April, 2015. I had been suffering from visual disturbance and migraine headaches for 9 months. The medication prescribed by a a consultant neurologist proved to be ineffective, addictive and was severely damaging my health and well-being. I desperately wanted to dispense with it and improve my health.
The therapy that Jihan has provided enabled me to achieve that ambition. I had stopped driving in October 2014 because of the visual problems. Jihan assured me that I would, one day, drive again. I must admit that I did not have her level of faith at the start of my treatment. Yet here I am now after a 2 year absence once again ‘behind the wheel’ and contiue to improve after each session of therapy. If only the NHS and the dystoniaia help organisation could witness such successes at first hand.” Andrew M

“I came to see Jihan after years of suffering chronic pain and locking in my jaw. By the time I came to see her things had got so bad that I could not bite or chew properly and my dentist had suggested a referral for surgery. I confess that after trying many other treatments over the years without success I was not hopeful but Jihan identified exactly what the issue was and now, after three months of treatment, I am completely pain-free! I have been completely stunned by the results I have experienced with this technique; I have gone from barely being able to open my mouth, to being completely back to normal! Fantastic!” Heather M

“I used to go for chiropractic treatment every six weeks or so for back and neck. It always did the trick but was always needed again within 6 weeks. Since Bowen I have never needed that constant tweaking – particularly to my neck. So something works! I love seeing Jihan. She is an unusually good listener and always treats everything I say with total respect, something worth responding to, a lightness, warmth, intelligence and utter respect. That is rare. She is very well informed and I know she has the resources in her but she does not feel the need to display it. She has a quiet, confidant ego and very happy for me to have mine. Sessions are a meeting of minds where she has skills I don’t have. I need not even say that she makes for a very safe environment.” Heather N

“I already knew the incredible benefits of the Bowen Technique, but working with Jihan brought another dimension to my healing. She has a compassionate, steady approach offering the tried and tested Bowen procedures alongside her own intuitive assessment and treatment. I highly recommend Jihan for all aspects of holistic health.” Irena P

October 2017

“I first went to see Jihan about 12 months ago with a painful ankle which I had badly broken 4 years before.
The results from receiving bowen treatment have been fantastic. Jihan has helped me turn my life back around after suffering for so long.
Jihan is so friendly yet so professional and I continue to see her for maintenance treatments.
I also took my 6 year old son in to see Jihan as he was suffering with anxiety from a bad friendship at school. After just one session, there was a big difference in his behaviour.”  Danielle Y

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Jihan as an excellent therapist – she has helped me through tackling posture – impacting favourably sleep patterns, bunions, grinding of teeth, headaches.  I enjoy her sense of humour; her encouragement that any piece of information is valuable and not to be dismissed as unimportant is very liberating and encourages confidence to be more aware of what my body is telling me.”  Hope N

October 2016

“I discovered Bowen some 12 years ago & have returned many times to heal my own injuries, discomforts & stress many times. I trust and value the process immensely.

I decided to invest in some sessions for my youngest son Monty, aged 13. Monty was diagnosed with a specific language & communication disorder from a young age.

He was a silent baby, he didn’t eat or sleep well. He was an easy baby but worryingly quiet.
Today, he is a young man who thinks long & hard to gather & order his words, often giving up if they don’t come readily. His memory is affected & he struggles to remember recent activities or happenings. Making decisions is difficult & a slow process, often with no result. Monty rarely instigates physical contact, even as a baby, physical contact was accidental & retracted immediately.

Jihan is brilliant with Monty. Her calm, kind & relaxed attitude along with her incredible ability to ‘assess’ someone has been invaluable. Jihan quickly responded to Montys need for fewer words when asking Monty for information and was more than comfortable in waiting for answers whilst Monty processed his thoughts. Jihan knew when to turn to me to support Monty in sharing what I understood about something. Over the weeks Jihans gentle short humorous snippets of enquiry have led to Monty saying & giving more. I believe he feels very safe & comfortable and that Jihan has created that comfy environment

At Monty’s first session he was unsure and nervous, quiet and closed but after, as we walked back to the car, he said he felt warm & relaxed. A handful of amazing things happened over the next few days; he started to spontaneously offer conversation & information about his day & twice made physical contact, once sitting next to me and gently resting his head on my shoulder, stopping to rest for 30 seconds another time nearly sitting on my lap and asking me to rub his back.
Even Monty’s teachers have noticed a change in his confidence. His head of Year noticing Monty becoming more confident.

2 months later, Monty is choosing his options & although this is a worrying time, with support from Jihan, he is feeling positive about his choices. Monty thoroughly enjoys having Bowen therapy; considering this is a young man who has never enjoyed been touched, I find this simply amazing. The fact that Monty ‘wants’ to go to his Bowen session speaks volumes for the success & benefits of Bowen Therapy.” Sarah FJ D

“I discovered Bowen Therapy 6 years ago after developing a painful neck and shoulders that did not respond to regular pain relief, physiotherapy or osteopathy. I was no longer able to ride my horse and was becoming very down about it. Bowen bought about such relief in a short period of time and I was soon able to get back to my riding. I also noticed that my hay fever symptoms improved dramatically after my Bowen sessions, which was an added bonus!  I attend Jihan’s clinic for regular top ups which never fail to make me feel better.” Mandy D

“Jihan has treated me over the years for acute and chronic issues. The gentle, yet powerfully effective, nature of Bowen has helped me with both pain and posture, and has significantly reduced my reliance on pain medication. I find Jihan’s clinic calm and welcoming, a place where I feel listened to and treated according to my needs, and within the limits of what my body can tolerate on the day. No painful clunking, no awkward positions on the couch – just good, effective treatment!” Jacqui C

“The reason I embarked on a course of treatment of the Bowen technique was to help with a dreadful sleep pattern. Over a short period of time my sleep was vastly improved, which has continued since then to be better than it had been most of my life.  Subsequently the bunions on my feet were tackled, which have also improved dramatically. Behind these two successful outcomes was the fact that this technique works on overall postural “defects” which, when corrected to any extent, improve presenting problems.  Along with better sleep/improved bunions, my posture is much better than it ever has been, and I feel overall fitter than before.

I like Jihan and her approach very much.  She never ignores any information about my health that I give her, even if I seem to make light of it; she never dismisses anything as unimportant; she is calm, non-judgemental, has a great sense of humour, and is a really positive therapist to visit.” Hope N 

“Jihan was recommended to me some years ago and I’ve never looked back. The effectiveness of the technique and results it has produced has far outweighed any other treatment I have received. Jihan has a very professional approach, and is very knowledgeable on the subject area. With the technique being non-invasive and gentle, this all contributes to make this a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, whilst achieving fantastic results.” Steve F

“I originally went for Bowen therapy with Jihan to see if she could help with hay fever.  Her treatment, combined with homeopathy, put an end to a lifetime of sinus problems.  Not only is hay fever a thing of the past but so is chronic, painful and disabling congestion.

In addition, Jihan has worked on the digestive system and damage to joints and muscles and seems to have taught my body to put itself right.  GPs tend to suggest that some pain and lack of mobility is inevitable with age – not so with Bowen.  My health and energy levels are back to how they were 20 years ago.  Jihan herself is a delight to work with – gentle, fierce and with a great sense of humour.” Jill T

“Having suffered from daily lower back pain for 20 years and having tried various treatments to relieve the pain, I was told about Bowen. My friend had a course of Bowen treatments for her back pain and told me I ‘must try it’. I did, and the results were amazing. After just 4 treatments I was completely pain free for the first since the age of 18. My mobility improved and ‘pain frown’ went from my face. As a result of the pain going I slept better and had more energy. Words cannot describe how great I felt. 

I have continued to have periodic treatments over the past 10 years: a hip problem from birth has meant a permanent ‘fix’ was not possible, but now, instead of going to a Chiropractor twice a week (and still having pain) , I have a Bowen every 8 weeks or so and am pain free for most of the time. 

A Bowen treatment from Jihan is gentle and relaxing. As a tutor of Bowen she has a great deal of knowledge  and experience.  

Now I know how powerful Bowen can be, I make it my treatment of choice for all aches, pains, stiffness and more besides. This gentle treatment has a positive effect on many health issues so it’s worth finding out what it can do for you.” Pamela D