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Welcome to my website.
I run my Bowen Therapy Practice from The Dartington Hall Estate.


To book an appointment please feel free to call me on 07929 005910 or email

Alternatively, please feel free to browse this site to gather more information about me and my practices and, if you have a question,  please contact me here.


I offer a fully holistic approach to all problems presented. All treatment offered is complementary to mainstream medical treatment.


Treatments with me focus around your individual needs, as no two bodies are the same, even if they carry with them similar symptoms. I aim to get to the root cause of why you are presenting the way you are and then remedy the problem from that point.

I work with clients of all ages including new-born babies, mothers-to-be, the elderly and everyone in between.


I really do enjoy working with a broad spectrum of people of all ages and presenting symptoms. From musuclo-skeletal presentations through to soft tissue injuries, breathing difficulties, TMJ functional issues,  hormonal imbalances and various other presentations. Bowen Therapy alongside  other complimentary methods really does work well for so many people - the. possibilities are endless.


The Bowen Technique (Bowen Fascial Release Technique or Bowen Therapy) has been a huge passion of mine ever since I came across it in 1996. The treatment itself carries very few if at all any, contra indications; it is a treatment that is appropriate for everyone. It is a gentle hands on form of bodywork, with no manipulation of hard tissue or force applied.

It has a very successful record of helping people presenting with a wide range of issues on many levels and is not restricted to just structural imbalance. The list is endless really. Hundreds of people each year use Bowen to change their health.

Whether you are looking to book an appointment to receive treatment for yourself or a family member at my practice in Dartington, or you are looking to find out a little about Bowen as a treatment option, I hope you will find all the information you need here.


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