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Manual Therapist

Bowen Therapy Instructor

TMJ and Breathing Specialist

Fascia Enthusiast


Originally from London, I first worked in the equine world, teaching and competing. Working for over ten years at a riding stable for disabled and disadvantaged children without realising it at the time, this is where my passion for the human body and how it functions began.

I first came across Bowen in 1996. I had a treatment myself and noticed my health changed significantly. I was involved in a small way back then with the running of Bowen courses. It wasn’t until I was at a junction point in my life that I chose to train in The Bowen Technique. 

I initially trained in the Technique with the European College of Bowen Studies (ECBS). I found a great thirst for this incredible work of Tom Bowen and continued to study with as many Bowen training organisations I could.


My eyes widened again when I studied Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) in 2005 - a derivative of Bowen's original work. Studying this way of using the essence of Tom's work gave me a more dynamic approach to treating people with different presentations again. My practice grew dramatically and I found this way of working hugely satisfying at the time.

In 2007 I started teaching Bowen with The European College of Bowen Studies. During the years of working with the team back then, I taught over 200 courses from the basics of introducing Bowen to brand new open minds through to postgraduate courses both in the UK and around Europe. 

With an ongoing wish to raise the standards of Bowen therapy education in the UK, in 2016 I was very proud to announce the launch of Bowen College UK. Our emphasis is not just to train people to become Bowen “technicians”, but to become therapists in the Art and Science of Bowen Therapy and how the mind plays an instrumental part in health. Working alongside great colleagues including the College's founder in Canada, Manon Bolliger (ND), the College has grown with a fantastic team of tutors teaching around the UK.

Jihan Adem Bowen Instructor
Jihan Adem Bowen Instructor

Today in my practice I specialise in working with TMJ function and Sleep-related Breathing Disorders but also love the varying presentations that clients bring with them to the treatment room. Working alongside a long standing dental colleague of me, together we are able to provide highly effective treatments for clients that aren't found elsewhere. Together we can assess and treat TMJ dysfunction and have the ability between us to provide a package of care to change morphology of the joint space. This can not only alleviate symptoms but also permanently improving breathing function. Making the changes to the way you breathe is a key to better whole body function. 

Alongside my clinic and interdisciplinary work, I have spent time in the anatomy lab enhancing my skill in dissection whilst continuing to spend more time on anatomical studies. Over the years I have been involved in Bowen - I have had the great good fortune of meeting many wonderful teachers and colleagues from all around the world. From 2017 - 2020 I joined a dedicated group of Anatomy specialists for The Fascial Net Plastination project based at the Plastinarium in Guben, Germany, the home of the world-famous Body World Exhibits. Having taught anatomy through Dissection at Imperial College London I fell into a small but highly skilled pool of people who had experience with dissecting Fascia (fascia being an intrinsic connective tissue within our body). Together we created the world’s first fascial focussed human body plastinate: FR:EIA who is currently on show at the Body Worlds Museum in Berlin, Germany.
The purpose of her creation was to have Fascia brought to the main stage for the purposes of education about this incredible tissue much left out of main stream anatomical understanding to date. To enquire about studying with me in the lab please visit:

Jihan Adem Plastinarium
Freia Plastinate
Fascia Research Team

I am an active member of the Bowen Therapists Professional Association and The Fascia Research Society. I am committed to my own ongoing studies and research to ensure that I am always offering the best of what I have learnt and know. Although Bowen Therapy is my primary modality it certainly isn’t all that I do. Treatments are always bespoke and tailored to each persons needs, on each particular day.

Throughout all of these studies and travels I return to my home base in Devon where I've been running my clinical practice within the beautiful grounds of the Dartington Hall Estate.

"Dental treatment two and  a half years ago left me with daily discomfort in my jaw and face and reliance on painkillers. My McTimoney chiropractor recommended I try Bowen treatment under the expertise of Jihan who specialises in jaw problems. 

To say it has been a turning point for me would be an understatement. Jihan is really knowledgeable on the subject and treatments are extremely relaxing and progressive. I am so pleased to have started on this path as it has made such a difference to my quality of life and I look forward to each appointment knowing that I am getting better."

                                                                                                                                                                        Caroline Savory, May 2022

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